Kaliyani, Executive Visionary


Kaliyani is the spiritually inspired visionary behind Stargate Alliance. Her inspiration to birth this portal came as the result of a living vision she wrote in 2008 during her masters program in Spiritual Psychology. With an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in psychology and an avid curiosity for all things occult, Kaliyani has spent most of her life involved in the pursuit of connecting the pieces of the mystery puzzle from not only a psychological but also a spiritual and historical perspective.

As a child Kaliyani was deeply intrigued by the concept of God and at the same time slightly bewildered, later confused and eventually utterly suspicious of much of the dogmas and contradictions she faced whenever exploring the traditional sacred texts of her Christian upbringing. Paradoxically, prayer was a constant companion and daily practice which in spite of her uncertain stand with her birth faith, brought her a deep sense of connection with something beyond which seemed to transcend all conceptual knowledge. As a young adult, she gained enough courage and autonomy to expand and explore a variety of spiritual practices far beyond her birth lineage’s. At still the tender age of 14 she fell in love with and read through Sufi mystic’s Khalil Gibran’s entire collection and between 16 and 17 years she explored her Hatha yoga teacher’s forbidden library of Rosacrucian books, who happened to be a high priest in the Amorc order. Some of such books, were not fit for the unofficial initiate, but her curiosity kept her coming for more. She went on to later explore Alan Kardec’s Spiritism, African trance-chanelling spiritual sect of Umbanda, Kabbalah, Numerology, astrology, Quiromancy, Tarot reading, hand writing analysis, UFO and cosmology were some of the many subjects she most enjoyed exploring.
Her deep yearning to find the missing link that would explain all the contradictions and unify all faiths within one underlying truth, in spite of growing stronger, was temporarily interrupted by marriage and children, and again recovered with gusto by the dissolution of the same, as if per some contractual fate.

In 2003 after a few years of feeling a sense of disconnect from her true essence, a deep calling to engage in a twice-daily prayer puja that lasted a few weeks, culminated in very immanent and sacred experiences of a divine and feminine presence which started showing up in her life through visions and dreams that brought her to her knees in a wave of overwhelming gratitude for the deeply felt honor this presence caused her to experience. Since then, Kaliyani has felt directed, guided, protected and growing ever more coherent and understanding. The many originally confusing concepts and ideas that assailed her as a child started to gain order and greater clarity. Today Kaliyani finds her faith renewed in a unique practice that is ever less attached to form or methods that seem to dictate absolute rules, methods and limiting dogmas. She feels she is a humble initiate into the eternal mysteries and apprentice of life who presently enjoys the freedom to explore the divine through a universal more archetypical and feminine spiritual lens as a refreshing way to bring balance. Her inspiration comes from a deep desire to serve as an instrument for the dissemination of truth and to assist in the collective break-though of all limiting concepts of reality towards liberation and oneness.

A Brief History

Within three months of her living vision about creating conscious media, Kaliyani was invited to co-executive produce a documentary on loving relationships as an evolutionary tool, called ‘Secrets Of Love’ (SOL). The company’s name, came to her inadvertently and immediately upon waking up one morning in late 2009, while SOL was still underway. It took her a few days to realize what it was since she had not intended or consciously looked yet for a name for the soon to become her Concious Media Company, Stargate Alliance.

Stargate Alliance Films and Media, a Conscious Media Company, was then officially registered in 2010, and the website launched in 2011 riding the wave of excitement in the launch of another project, PeaceLink Live!, a 9-month intense labor of love to create a peace platform and benefit concert in collaboration with Jiva Bravo Productions.

2011 was also the year of The Goddess Code’s (TGC) first initial inception and early development, which soon after, inspired the cosmic vocals in Kaliyani’s deeply evocative single Nammu’s Invocation (NI).

The year 2012 saw the official release and distribution of the hybrid docudrama SOL by Beyond Words while all other developing projects were ongoing.

2013 saw Nammu’s Invocation soft digital launch and a film licensing offer for the same, in the full-length feature ‘A Winter Rose’ (AWR). Also on 2013 Togetherment Films offered Stargate Alliance an executive producing role in the making of AWR, for it’s crucial role in fostering the right connections that lead to our project agent and its eventual theatrical distribution.

2014 was great exposure year that not only brought Kaliyani’s voice onto the public eye through the release of the accalimed Nammu’s Invocation music video and her music website’s announcement of her upcoming EP Immanence, but it was also the year which brought some well-earned recognition for AWR, which won the Honorary Film award at the 17th Annual Dance With Films festival and a red carpet opening night at the world-famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

2015 has so far proved to be a stellar year bringing the signing of two deals for AWR, for soundtrack and worldwide theatrical distribution, and we look forward to continued sharing of inspiration for eons to come in service to collective healing and awakening to our oneness.