Music: Kaliyani

Kayliyani-Namus cover

Imanence is the working title of the E.P. currently in production. It is a blend of exotic world music style woven with a new age, elegant, and yet complex thread. Kaliyani’s evocative vocals are reminiscent of some classical music styles that range from Operatic to Gregorian and is dramatic, cinematic and luminously rich. Evocative music blends with beautiful, lush vocals for a deeply moving experience.

Kaliyani’s first single, Nammu’s Invocation, was released 6-2014 and is featured in the feature film A Winter Rose and is available on iTunes (use link) and over 250 other digital distributors worldwide.

Sample Tracks


  1. Bettina says:

    This is amazing. When will the album be released?

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