by Leigh McCloskey

Film: The Goddess Code

by Leigh McCloskey

by Leigh McCloskey

The Goddess Code is an upcoming multi-media project currently in its development phase, which will include, a film, and a companion soundtrack album.

The Goddess Code is an invitation for all those who feel the calling to join in honoring, exalting and integrating the much too long oppressed other half of the Godhead. It is a celebration, and a restoration of the Divine Feminine, which is essential, if we are to usher in a new order of peaceful co-existence.

The goddess code is like an altar on which center we lay the silenced, yet ever-present female Christ as Divine Feminine consciousness for the nourishment of the collective soul, like sacred waters for the healing of our distorted polarities.  The Goddess Code is source, resource and vehicle for the dissemination of truth in all its dimensions.

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  1. Camie Hayes says:

    How wonderful this project sounds. Please remember to include women of all shapes and sizes as Goddesses come in all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. Hopefully this project will show that the Divine Feminine aspect exists in all spiritual walks as well. As a woman who has embraced the Divine Feminine and still works as a stage manager, single mom, legal secretary and creative force, this project should be great.

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